What We Believe

We believe in one God, eternally existing as God the Father, His Son, the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
JOHN 1:1,14; 10:30; 1 JOHN 5:7

We believe the Bible is the God-inspired infallible Word of God. We believe that it was written by people who were inspired by the Holy Spirit, to write in their own words, what He wanted them to write. We believe it is to be used for encouragement, instruction and for righteousness.
2 TIMOTHY 3:16-17; HEBREWS 4:12; 2 PETER 1:20-21

We believe mankind is created in the image and likeness of God, but through Adam’s transgression and fall, sin came into the world upon everyone; placing all in need of Jesus’ salvation.
ROMANS 3:23; 5:12,14; 6:23

We believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried and resurrected from the grave, and ascended into Heaven; where He is seated at the right hand of the Father as our Lord, Savior, High Priest, Intercessor and Advocate. He is also the Builder of His Church, the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit, and our soon returning King.
JOHN 3:13-16; ACTS 2:32-33; 26:23; 1 CORINTHIANS 15:3-4

We believe genuine salvation begins with godly sorrow – that works repentance – and saving faith, which is a gift from God. When a person receives the gift of salvation, by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, leading to genuine repentance, he or she receives eternal life.

We believe it is very important for believers to be baptized in water – as commanded by Jesus and obeyed by His Apostles.
MATT. 28:19-20; MARK 16:15-16; ACTS 2:37-39; 8:12,14-17,35-38; 10:44-48; 19:1-6; 22:16

We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit as a gift from God for all believers. This is accompanied by spiritual gifts as the Holy Spirit Himself gives,  including tongues, prophecy, power for witnessing, etc.
LUKE 24:49; JOHN 20:21-22; ACTS 1:4-5,8; 2:1-4,37-39 4:31; 8:14-17; 10:44-47; 19:1-7

We believe that assembling with other believers is vitally important for a believer’s spiritual growth and fruitfulness.
ACTS 2:42,46-47; HEBREWS 10:24-25

We believe that healing is provided for the whole person: spirit, soul, and body; made possible by the power of God through the prayer of faith and the laying on of hands. It is a continuation of Christ’s ministry and is the privilege of every child of God. MATTHEW 8:16-17; 10:7-8; MARK 16:17-18; LUKE 4:18-21ACTS 3:6-9; 5:14-16; 9:32-34; 14:8-9; 19:11-12;28:8-9; JAMES 5:14-16

We believe in the gifts of the Spirit that are to operate in the church as He wills and that the fruit of the Holy Spirit will help all true believers to overcome their sinful ways and to be better witnesses for Christ.
1 CORINTHIANS 12:1-11; GALATIANS 5:16-25

We believe that prayer and worship are ways for us to relate to God who is invisible and yet draws near to us as we draw near to Him. We believe that a closer relationship with God is available to all believers who will pursue Him for such.
HEBREWS 4:14-16; JAMES 4:8-10

We believe in the ministry of the believer, called to do works of service as God enables and they are equipped by His church. ROMANS 12:4-8; EPHESIANS 4:11-16

We believe in the return of Jesus Christ; after His church has fulfilled His commission, by evangelizing the world, through making disciples as He commanded.
MATTHEW 24:14; 28:18-20 MARK 13:10; 16:15-16; LUKE 24:47; ACTS 1:6-8; 1 THESSALONIANS 5:1-11; 2 PETER 3:8-9

We believe there is coming a Day of Judgment when all will give an account to God for lives they have lived in relation to their relationship with Him. Then the Lord will either welcome them into eternal life or He will send them into everlasting punishment.
MATTHEW 7:22-23; 12:35-37; 16:27; 25:31-46 ROMANS 2:5-11; 2 THESSALONIANS 1:9-10; 1 PETER 4:17-18; REVELATION 20:12-15

We believe that God desires for all to be saved and is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.
1 TIMOTHY 2:1-7; 2 PETER 3:9

We believe that today is the day and now is the time for sinners to be saved from their sins to know and serve the living God.

We believe that God created women to have a voice into the local church just as women have a voice into a marriage and family, and that wives are to be submitted to their husbands. The local church should not be a place where women can publically undermine or usurp the authority placed on their husbands by the Lord. However we do believe that the New Testament gives clear examples of women functioning in ministry and church leadership roles. Of the 40 individuals that Paul lists throughout his epistles as significant and influential in his ministry, 16 of them were women. We believe that men and women are one in Christ. Using Scripture to show bias against gender implicates that bias can also be shown against age and ethnicity.
1 CORINTHIANS 11:5; 14:34; 1 TIMOTHY 2:12; ROMANS 16:1,7; GALATIANS 3:26-28; COLOSSIONS 3:11

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