God Can Erase the Hurt – Pastor Liz

December 19, 2011  
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To love like Jesus loves, to forgive like Jesus forgives, to give grace like Jesus gives grace……We preach it, we read about it and we say we do it but do we REALLY???

When we get hurt do we really love, forgive, and give grace to those people?? I’m just going to be honest its hard for me sometimes.

All human beings suffer hurt in their heart. Sometimes the hurt of your heart comes from the circumstances of life like death, accidents, worry, broken relationships, gossip, or estrangement. What do we do when we have a hurting heart? What we must do is take our hurt to God. God knows you. God knows what you go through. Your hurt is God’s hurt. Remember when you hurt you are not alone. When you hurt you are never alone. What is critical for you to understand is that hurt is anti-God. God is about healing not hurting. God detests pain. Pain is not a good thing. God abhors pain. Instead of a heart full of pain. God wants your heart full of joy. The whole being of God is a healing being. The whole being of God is about making the hurt of your heart go away. In your quiet times when your heart is hurting sit quietly and think about how God is trying to erase the hurt from your heart. God erases the hurt from your heart by holding you, by comforting you, by being with you night and day, and by giving you His kind and tender love every second you are alive.

Forgiveness doesn’t come by osmosis. And it’s not easy. It begins in our will and moves through our body as we take steps to change things. It’s humbling to forgive those who hurt us because there’s something in us that wants them to suffer. Sometimes we really really want them to suffer. But those feelings rob us of all the freedom that’s possible to enjoy through Christ. Our freedom and their freedom will not come until we start with forgiveness.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

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