Video — Relationshipwreck pt1

November 2, 2015  
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Relationshipwreck pt1 from New Life on Vimeo.

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    One Response to “Video — Relationshipwreck pt1”
    1. Cindy Davis says:

      Wonderful message on relationships part 1…This is no doubt a more powerful message than one might think. There are people everywhere who are hurting but have no one to confide in or be around that accept them for who they are. Loneliness in the church is just as real yet those people walk in every service and not one soul notices their pain or even offers to help them in their time of need. I’m praying the Lord softens the hearts of all His children so that we may recognize when someone comes into the church and needs a friend or just someone to welcome them into the family. Lord, I ask that He starts with me.

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